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Virus and Spyware Removal




Eliminates destructive viruses, malware, spyware and adware that can damage your system, corrupt valuable data and spread to other computers. Removes applications that spy on your Internet usage, slow your system down and cause annoying pop-ups. Security for online banking. Includes a free anti-virus, anti-spyware and software firewall. 2-6 hrs.

Reinstallation of Operating System



Breathe life into your computer by reinstalling your Operating System and having it run like new again. Includes setup of drivers, data migration, and one software suite. Operating system is provided by computer manufacturer or client. Includes a free anti virus, anti spyware and software firewall. 2-4 hrs.

New Computer Setup


Ensures that your new system is installed properly and in accordance with your specific preferences. Includes unboxing, wiring, setup, setting configuration, wired Internet setup if pre-wired and activated. Includes a free anti-virus, anti-spyware and software firewall. We setup laptops as well. 1-3 hrs.

Additional Software Installation



For an additional $49, have 321 Techs install software onto your computer after completing either a reinstallation of operating system or new computer setup. Excludes the installation of: email programs, QuickBooks, and ACT. Call for specifics. 30 min.


If added to another Service

Memory Installation



Computer memory upgrades will make your computer more responsive to your commands. You will notice a significant increase in productivity especially when running multiple programs. This is the #1 recommended upgrade. Technician will provide correct RAM chip. 30 min.

Hard Drive Installation



new hard drive will speed up your system and allow you to store more data on your computer. We also recommend the data migration and backup services with this service. Online backup is also recommended with this service. 30 min.

CD/DVD/CD-RW/DVD-RW Installation



A CD drive will allow you to create your own CD's full of music, pictures, data and more. With a DVD drive you'll be able to watch and create your own playable DVDs. 30 min

Internal/External Device Installation



Installation and setup of your video card, sound card, Ethernet card, USB and firewire cards, modems, printers, scanners, fax, monitors and other peripherals. We will make sure that your devices are configured to your specifications. 30 min.

Data Migration


Move your important data from one computer to another or to a specified device. Data migration involves copying files such as pictures, movies, music, and documents to another hard drive. Also see Drive Imaging. We also recommend that clients backup online. 1-3 hrs.

Wired/Wireless Networking


Work and play wirelessly throughout your home or business on your laptop(s). Enables you to share your files, programs, printers and Internet connection through a wireless network (Price includes networking for two computers, or a computer or laptop and a wireless router, wireless router counts as a computer, extra charge for each additional computer). We setup wireless router passwords that add a layer of identity theft protection when clients are doing online backups, online banking or for telecommuters who log in remotely into an office computer. 1-2 hrs.

Each Additional Device on Network


Installation of each additional item (laptop, printer, etc.). 1 hr.

Preventative Maintenance




Bring your computer back up to speed up with our registry cleaning, virus removal, spyware removal, device or software conflict resolution, start-up optimization, disk reliability tests and system tweaking services. 2-6 hrs.

Personal Technician Service Plan

$49 month per computer

Always have an 321 Technician you can call to solve your needs. This service includes the Monthly Maintenance Service Plan, one on-site visit and one hour of included service per month. This is like having your own Personal IT department.* Fixing computer problems as they happen is a time consuming task, why not delegate it to a Genius.

Monthly Maintenance Plan

$19 month per computer

Have the piece of mind that your computer system will remain in optimal working condition due to monthly scans, updates and optimization. All work is done over the Internet via a secure connection by an E-Geniuses Technician. A high-speed Internet connection is required.** Virus protection is something everyone needs, but true protection can only be a reality with preventive measures such as having the most up-to-date virus removal software, spyware removal software, operating system patches, and a Computer Genius looking out for you. Identity theft is a reality, but it is preventable. Let an 321 Techs Maintenance Technician ensure that your PC, Mac, Desktop, Laptop/Notebook are up to speed.

6-Month Prepaid Monthly Maintenance

$114 / month per computer

Pre-pay your Monthly Maintenance for 6 months.

Drive Imaging


In the event that your computer crashes, ensure that your important data is saved securely. In addition to saving your files, backups will enable you to restore your computer system to its previous state. We create an exact copy of your system so that your settings and software will be transferred as well! Drive data recovery can be very costly and should be prevented. Drive imaging is also useful for data migration to another computer. Drive imaging is a backup method that can prevent having to reconstruct data if you need computer repairs. Online backup is recommended as an extra layer of prevention. 1-3 hrs.


The services below are a small list of everything we can do. If you need assistance with something that is not listed below, please contact us and we will see how we may help./p>



If you do not see what you need; contact us. We may still be able to assist you! We offer so many services that we can't list them all.

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