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Beat the Geek and be a 321 Tech! Start a Join Us! today!

321 Techs is a Join Us! company. WE expand by YOU expanding. We offer you all the right tools you need to get started in this great businesses. If you meet our high standards, you could be on your way to being a 321 Tech in no time. 321 Techs looks for experienced audio / video installers and current computer repair technicians. Your goal will be to manage and handle all our sales in your area. If you need help, don't worry, 321 Techs is here to support you. If you run into a problem, we can log in remotely to help solve the issue.

The services below are a list of everything we do for you. We only succeed if you succeed so we make sure to provide you the support you may need.


Your Own Area:

We split zones by population. We only allow so many 321 Techs per so many 100 of population.

You MUST have proven computer repair, virus, and spyware removal and/or audio/video installation.

We get the business:

We get the business, you do the job. The customer sets up an appointment with 321 Techs, then we send it out to that tech in the that area. All the billing is done by 321 Techs online billing.


321 Techs helps you advertise. We have the marketing experience and team to help you break into the industry. Upon signing up with 321 Techs, we will start marketing in your area and bring business to you immediately.


321 Techs expects you to be the best. Whether hooking up a computer or installing a TV, we want you to always exceed the customers expectations. 321 Techs expects your to always go the extra mile. 321 Techs follows up with each customer to make sure that you did the job the way we expect. We hold each one of our techs to the highest standards. If you get three or more negative comments, you will no longer be able to be part of the 321 Techs team. As a 321 Tech, you will also have to sign a noncompete agreement and comply will all the 321 Techs, LLC, local, state, and federal rules, regulations, policies and procedures that are applicable.

If approved to be part of the 321 Techs family, you will be required to offer 100% satisfaction guarantee accourding to the 321 Techs policy. You will also have to provide at least a 30 day warranty on the work you provide and at least a 90 day warranty on any parts you provide to the customer.

About 321 Techs

321 Techs was launched to provide you with the customer service and price you deserve. We believe in high quality install and setup of your equipment.

"We Beat the Geeks!" Other install, service and repair companies over charge their customers and do not provide them the level of customer experience we believe you deserve.  We are here to get your computer, TV, or any other audio/video device you need hooked up today.

What we do

321 Techs offers many services to our customers. Below you will find a brief list of what we could do for you!

What our clients say

test “Thank you so much for installing my computer and printer. You did such a great job I had you back to install my new LCD TV. I couldn't ask for better customer service! Thanks 321 Techs, you sure did beat the geek! ”